Services We Offer


We make frames in a comprehensive range of mouldings and finishes, of which we have put a small selection here.

We offer a full range of gold leaf and white gold finishes, from bright burnished to heavily distressed and antiqued, with just about every possibility in between. In combination with gold or white gold leaf you can add engraved decoration, coloured panels, coloured washes, crackled or

veneered panels.  


Metal leaf, Aluminium leaf and Bronze powder finishes are also available on the same moulding sections. Along with various veneered finishes, we can match virtually any moulding profile and finish that you may have.


For watercolours and works on paper, we have a range of conservation quality mounts to choose from and can supply a variety of glass from UV protection, Reflection Control and Museum. 



Restoration of artwork



A complete service in restoration, cleaning, re-lining and stretching of art work is also offered by us.